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Who can say where the road goes' 英语翻译不要全句翻译,就一句in fact we can see where the road not taken led.这是正常的语法吗?上下文:but he could not have pulled off what Jobs did,which was to create and market a machine that would transform personal computi I believe you will do better next time省略了一个词是哪个 let lisa join the art club,she likes drawing pictures.为什么不能是let lisa joins the art club 求翻译歌词 Black Eyed Peas-XOXOXO歌词在这里http://www.elyricsworld.com/xoxoxo_lyrics_black_eyed_peas.html请翻译的精准.尤其是把XOXOXO的意思翻译出来……觉得满意就给分.在这里谢谢了.急需.啊哈哈哈~!~楼下 Black eye peas_Where is the love 的歌词 black eyed peas的the apl 最好有歌词翻译 怎样把肯定句改成否定祈使句? 比如把You can clean the window.改成否定祈使句? There were some people there.(变成否定句) when they asked her what she could do to fight against global warming怎样翻译? there were some people rowing on the riverrow是及物动词,应该后面要有个宾语吧? what is she going to be when she ___up?这个地方为什么要填grows呢?为什么不是grow?我的意思是你看这个是不是一个疑问句啊?既然是疑问句那么第三人称单数应该不能出现在主语的后边啦?为什么在 1.There were some fifteen people there.2.He is some teacher3.He shoots some. Where were you _that time?A,at B/选择?为什么? she is only four的意思 28.Where were you _____ that time?A.in B.on C.at D./28.Where were you _____ that time?A.in B.on C.at D./ she and her sister __ not only pretty but also 判断就近还是就远是看and 还是 not only but also到底是那一个呢? be kind to sb 造句 be kind to do sth还是be kind to sb? how to deal with the relationship between teachers and students be kind to sb /be kindly to sb 两个都有adj 的词性哈. it is too busy to deal with a relationship. 什么意思 我叫王子豪 男 想起个和中文名谐音的英文名 英语作文:how to deal with your feelings 1.How to do 和what to do 有什么区别呢.如果要跟next的话怎么加啊.2.a five-minute walk 和five minutes' walk 是不是一样的?这是属于什么的语法问题..怎么区分啊. where has the family taken her?翻译 “where my time,I love time ,it can change all,will can ,it 英语翻译2.Breakfast is free of charge if you stay in the hotel for the night.3.Her charge is to search the Internet and download the latest news. What will she (do) next week?和 Where will you visit.里为什么 第一句用do 第2句不用do? be good with sb与be kind to sb区别?它们一样吗?(不要抄写别人的,我去看了一下,没看懂, Who Knows Where The Time Goes 歌词 be kind to sb= be good with